Virtual Reality for Spray Painting Training

Developed by real spray paint technicians for people to learn, teach and perfect the art of spray painting.


Virtual Reality For Spray Painting Training

 Developed by real spray paint technicians.

Get hands on, paint spraying experience without getting your hands dirty!


Sagola SPRAY teaches spray techniques that can be practiced again and again.

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Learning in a VR environment is environmentally friendly, saving paint, materials and time.



Get instant feedback and learn from your mistakes, just complete & repeat!


Learn how to hold the gun at the perfect distance to ensure a perfect finish.


Fan Pattern

Learn how to adjust your hand positioning to achieve the correct angle for spraying.



Get to know the speed of the spray gun and learn how you need to move with it.

Who Is SagolaSPRAY™ for?

Students & Beginners

Teachers, Colleges & Training Centres

Industry & Professionals

SagolaSPRAY™ Features

See how SagolaSPRAY™ virtual reality spray painting can benefit you.

Realistic Spray

No Custom Equipment Required

Multiple Industries

Training & Learning Modes

Select Items To Paint

Score Grading & Heatmaps